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Carmen Clews

Carmen Clews

I live in Cape Town where I am passionate about what makes for healthy and happy children. Through that process I have created a yoga and meditation book and animation for 5-12 year olds (The Magic Mat and its little secret...). I have also developed educational lesson plans (Planting Seeds for Life) for teachers and parents for planting the seeds of essential lessons such as forgiveness, gratitude, altruism, non-violent communication etc. During that time of research I was fortunate enough to find Biodanza – through movement to music; it’s a most enjoyable and incredibly magical way to bring about positive wellbeing and happiness.  

I grew up with a strong desire to dance but didn’t find the opportunity to dance regularly until now with Biodanza. And, it turns out that it is so much more than dance, it’s a self-development journey and an opportunity to connect with others, to be creative and connect fully to life…

My big dream is to share Biodanza with as many children as possible, as I believe that if children are dancing regularly, they are being given a most profound gift and tool for life.  From a young age they will be learning to connect with life and with others, learning to move their bodies naturally to music, developing self-confidence and respect, learning to be creative and moving through negative emotions stored in their bodies. And all they have to do, is have FUN!

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